Wim den Hartog

Wim has over 25 years of experience in financial markets, where he worked at Mees Pierson, Goldman Sachs, and IMC.

Jacques Kemp

Jacques led the ING’s Brazil operations in the 1980s, became Chairman of ING Bank International in 1991 and was CEO of ING Insurance & Asset Management Asia Pacific in 2002-2009. Presently, he acts as coach, investor, advisor and board member with several companies and institutions.

Dirk Lindenbergh

Dirk is an entrepreneur, investor and former board member of amongst others BE Semiconductor Industries N.V., Midlin N.V. and Docdata N.V.

Peter Jan Rubingh

Peter Jan is an investor and a former member of the board of W.P Stewart. He has a strong background in the value investing philosophy.