Knight Tech Fund


Our mission is to participate in the success of great public & private internet-enabled businesses.

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This is a marketing communication. Please refer to the prospectus of the Knight Tech Fund and to the KID before making any final investment decisions.


We grow our capital through long-term ownership in great businesses that thrive. Investments are selected based on seven main criteria: Does the company have superior technology at its core? Is it data-driven? Is the company growing its competitive advantage? Is it self-financing? Do we admire management? Is the capital allocation intelligent? Is the price we pay to become co-owners fair?


Past performance does not predict future results

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*Based on Knight Tech Fund – General Class: Data is retrieved from the Administrator.
** 2018 From 1 November 2018 until 31 December 2018


Management fee* 1.50%
Performance fee*,** 20.00%
Ongoing Charges Figure (excl. performance fee)*** 1.65%

* Based on Knight Tech – General Class
** Subject to an all-time high watermark and quarterly crystallization
*** Based on latest estimate for 2021

For full transparency, risks to take under consideration
The net asset value (NAV) of the Fund is subject to change as a result of various factors. Investing in the Fund involves financial risks and investors need to realize that the listed price of any securities in which the Fund acquires a position can fluctuate. Stock markets have generated favourable returns in the past. However, this is no indication or guarantee of the future. Because of variations in prices the Fund’s NAV is also susceptible to fluctuation, which can mean that investors might not receive the full value of their investments when they withdraw from the Fund. Because of the concentrated portfolio of investments the Fund Manager intends to invest in, there may be stronger fluctuations in the NAV of the Fund in case one or more particular investments by the Fund would decrease in value, than it would normally be the case if the investments were more spread. As a result of the investment policy, the returns of the Fund can deviate significantly from the returns of a world equity index. As a consequence thereof, specific risks arise that are reflected in differences in performance between the Fund and the global equity indices, positively and negatively. The Fund may invest in listed and unlisted securities which can be illiquid and can apply a lock-up for their investors. This might have a pricing and liquidity effect on the Fund and might ultimately lead to a slower redemption process for investors in the Fund.

For a complete overview of all identified risks for investors, please read respectively the Prospectus of the Guardian Fund and the Prospectus of the Knight Tech Fund.